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Our cameras and access control systems offer off-grid solutions using remote connectivity delivered with an integrated 4G router. This allows real-time access to video feeds and analytics and enables users to authenticate, authorize, audit, and manage access control through a mobile phone app using our standardized cloud-based system.


Video Surveillance / CCTV

We offer a complete line of security cameras, starting with advanced night vision and onboard analytics, accessible with any connected device.

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Remote Monitoring

We offer you customizable open control software with analytics to give you ultimate access to your security and smart farming setup.

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Access Control Systems

Our access control system allows users to authenticate, authorize, audit, and manage access control through a mobile phone app.

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Humboldt Grow Sensors allow users to make data-driven decisions to yield hardier, resilient crops and exceed current crop production. Growers are given access to insightful data like the amount of fertilizer used, soil moisture, storage conditions, and more.

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Smart Farming Technology

A portfolio of sensors combined with our secure, robust wireless network enables real-time access to information and equipment.

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Off-Grid Solar

We provide you the capability to produce and control your own power without relying on the local electric grid for your rural off-grid locations.

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Grow Lights

With our partner Fohse, we are able to bring you the future of grow lighting for your controlled environment cultivation. 

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Off-Grid Wireless Connectivity

Our wireless connectivity allows you to substantially improve your productivity through real-time information sharing, on- or off-grid.

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Smart Ag Water

High antioxidant hyper molecular hydrogen water saves you money and helps your farm run more efficiently without toxic chemicals.

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Dedicated Tech Support

Our dedicated team will help you address any and all issues, making sure you can manage your facility without interruption.


We are enthusiastic about collaborating with our clients to help you optimize your facility for profitability. In an ever-changing industry and regulatory environment, on-site consulting from an industry expert can help you take the lead and bring your operation to the next level.


Consulting & Custom Design

Our solutions are built by growers with decades of hands-on experience for each customer's unique needs.

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State Compliance Support

With our decade-long compliance regulation experience, you will fulfill all your compliance needs.

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What Our Clients Say


Michael Pezzimenti, Rosette Wellness

"Excellent quality security service with all the best hardware and software for any situation. Highly recommended!"

Transform your farm to Smart Ag in time for your next yield.


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