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State Compliance Support

With our decade long experience in compliance regulation combined with our integrated security systems, we can help you fulfill all your compliance needs.


Reduce all compliance risks like never before.

Cannabis Compliance is considered one of the biggest obstacles in the industry.

As Cannabis progresses through the legalization process, the standards are constantly evolving. These 10-12 regulations, which include Engineering, Electrical, Building, Airflow, Security, Health, and Manufacturing codes, must be met in order to be considered a legal operation with a future in the industry.
Aside from providing state compliance assessment and consultation for your grow operation, we also provide a variety of tools to ensure you meet the stringent compliance requirements. 


  • AI Surveillance Cameras for multiple applications (Required for State Compliance)

  • Access Control for Doors (Needed for State Compliance)

  • Compliant Container Labs (Needed for State Compliance)

We are here to help you scale your business beyond compliance.

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Find out more about our Video Surveillance / CCTV Solutions, Access Control Systems, and Compliant Container Labs to ensure State Compliance is never an issue for you again.

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