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Grow Solutions for a Grow Revolution 

enabled by connectivity

We're laying the foundation for the future of the Grow Industry.


Farmers increasingly turn to Connected Agriculture to boost output, monitor crop health, safeguard their farms from thefts, and satisfy stringent compliance standards.

Reduce all farming risks like never before.

Humboldt Grow Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your Smart Agriculture Technology and Security needs.


Our cutting-edge modular solutions enable you to monitor, analyze, manage, control, and improve critical agricultural processes in your day-to-day farming operations, allowing you to optimize your facility for profitability.


Both on- and off-grid, we are able to provide each operation with a fully controlled environment.

Digital doesn’t have to mean difficult—
we help make the switch simple.

Built by growers for growers.



Harry Rose & Mark Felberg

With a green thumb from an early age, Harry Rose was inspired and motivated by his parents, who encouraged his interests – and his gardening – though they could never have known just how much good would come from it in the future. 
Harry's mechanical mind led to an accomplished career in lighting design and engineering, eventually leading to contract work with Microsoft, Google, and Apple, where he helped launch the XBOX, Google's search engine software, and Android platform, and some of the most significant product reveals of Steve Jobs. That grind eventually wore him down and ultimately caused Harry's debilitating and near-death condition as he battled a late-stage autoimmune disease. 
When western medicine failed, Harry fell back on lessons learned from his father's process of 'discovery, test, retest, and redesign'. Through his own research and some help from a neighbor in Humboldt named Lawrence Ringo, Rose was able to use a CBD-dominant cultivar called Sour Tsunami to formulate a cannabis oil that put his previously untreatable medical condition into complete remission. 
Harry continues his commitment to developing the most advanced formulations to assist patients seeking a better quality of life while also serving as a Cannabis Industry Consultant, Cultivator, and Manufacturer. He currently holds 3 California state licenses in Humboldt County for legacy mixed-light cultivation, Type 6 manufacturing, and distribution. His experience with the entire process from application to approval of annual licensing with state regulators BCC, CDPH, CDFA, and all local agencies sets him apart from any other. Harry was tasked with creating the guidelines for type 6 manufacturing licenses for the city of Eureka. 

With over thirty years of experience in delivering complex solutions to the private and public sectors, Mark Felberg is recognized as a foremost innovator of integrating technological components to derive sophisticated business-productivity solutions.

In the aftermath of 9/11, with the advent of our heightened global awareness of security threats, Mark identified the need for cost-effective security solutions powered by advancements in technology. With the industry beginning to embrace a new generation of CCTV Cameras that were Network or IP Based but ignoring the power of the smart camera, Mark saw the opportunity to build the next generation for surveillance software and systems. Mark went on to develop the first streaming security systems on Verizon’s 3G Network, allowing users to get alerts directly from the camera. It changed how security and surveillance have been managed since. In 2010 Mark’s company IPVision Software was awarded Best Integrated Surveillance Software at ISC West.

Mark went on to work directly for Version to support their innovation of cell tower security and surveillance design at their first 4G Super Switch in Jupiter, Florida. He has consulted such clients as Duke Energy on the national scale for their power substations and CSX Railways, all requiring remote alert-based systems. 

Mark was brought on as a partner at Video IQ to help integrate an advance analytics system into the newest generation of smart cameras. A year later, Video IQ was acquired by Avigilon, a leader in the Surveillance Market. 

His expertise does not simply lie in the design phase but extends to the installation and refinement of all the services he provides to his clients. 

In 2019, after California legalized the farming of Cannabis, Harry applied and received cultivation and manufacturing licenses. He knew he needed to turn to Mark for his expertise in advanced surveillance to manage his farm with no internet or power infrastructure in the harshest weather conditions. 

The two high-school friends recognized a broad need and started Humboldt Grow Solutions, formerly known as Humboldt CCTV. Since then, they have delivered custom advanced surveillance and smart farming solutions, as they developed for themselves, to farmers throughout the emerald triangle and beyond. 

Our blend of expertise in Cultivation, Genetics, Technology, Security, Installation, and After-Sales Services make us the Partner you want to partner with.

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