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 "Humboldt Grow Solutions came up with an innovative solution that would give us the 90 Days of Archives we needed for compliance and an Access Control reader for our entry gate."

Kristen Callahan,

Majic Farms

 "We used Humboldt Grow Solutions for our Farm in Blocksburg and the Extraction facility in Eureka and needed an advanced Security system with Smart Cameras with Analytics for our Eureka location."

Jody Tessler,

Emerald Cup Supply Co.

 "Excellent quality security service with all the best hardware and software for any situation. Highly recommended!"

Michael Pezzimenti,

Rosette Wellness


Client: Myrtle Town Body Shop and Storage, Eureka

Task: Provide security coverage for all aisles of storage facility 

Unique Challenge: Wired security would require costly and time-consuming process of trenching parking lot to run cables to all buildings 

Solution: Added wireless infrastructure to all storage buildings; live video feed sent back to the head end which featured a 60” 4K TV, 32-Channel NVR monitoring all areas of the facility .

Outcome: Multiple thefts and instances of property damage have been captured and prevented by the security system.

Client: Shrine Drive Thru Tree, Meyers Flat CA


Task: Client wanted the ability to view and monitor all parts of a large campus environment, as well as process credit card payments where customers arrive throughout the day and use multiple attractions at the park.


Unique Challenge: Large campus environment with high volume of visitors


Solution: Setup Video Transmitters (VM) at some areas, and in others setup Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras for long distance views. Setup the Internet connection to support both the camera system and credit card processing


Outcome: Video coverage of the entire property and credit card processing enabled at entry points and the gift shop.

Client: St Bernard Church, Eureka


Task: Setup security system with clear coverage at night


Unique Challenge: Existing system cameras were using old Infrared technology, footage captured at night was too dark and unfocused to be useful.


Solution: Replaced all exterior cameras with advanced cameras with Starlight Technology.


Outcome: Clear imagery provided down the city block in all directions from both day and night time footage

Client: All My Sons Trucking


Task: Install system to monitor trucks while they are on the move and out to delivery sites. The system needed to provide both live feeds and the ability to access archived video feeds.


Unique Challenge: Maintaining live feeds while trucks were changing locations and distances.


Solution: Installed cameras along the top rails of the trucks; installed NEMA- rated (National Electrical Manufacturing Association) weatherproof enclosure to protect a Mobile Network Video Recorder (NVR) and 4G Router. Live feed from the cameras is both recorded and sent directly to monitors in the home office.


Outcome: Management has the ability to monitor from Headquarters the live camera-feed from the trucks on-the-move, as well as the ability to login and retrieve past archived footage. The system has been used to investigate and resolve damage claims, drastically reducing pay-outs that were previously costing the company $5 Million each year.

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