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Video Surveillance / CCTV

We offer a complete line of security cameras starting with advanced night vision and onboard analytics, accessible with any connected device.

Reduce all farming risks like never before.

Our outdoor security systems can detect intrusions, loitering, and doors left open. Our professional-grade surveillance systems rely on 3 lenses instead of standard monitoring systems that only rely on 1. These advanced monitoring capabilities allow you up to four views from just one camera.

These professional-grade, smart cameras connect to your phone to give you access to live feed, receive alerts, and retrieve archived video from any connected device – eliminating the need for armed guards. The smart cameras report back to an operator or Tier 1 Secured monitoring center to alert first responders when a person or vehicle is detected in a prohibited area. The alert will go out to users, who then can "talk down" an intruder using the two-way talk speaker. Rather than passively monitoring your properties, we aim to actively deter and prevent any intruders.

Our cameras offer off-grid solutions using remote connectivity delivered with an integrated 4G router. This allows real-time access to video feeds and analytics. Our units can be used as Wi-Fi hotspots to allow local viewing and downloading of large archives.

Find out more about our Off-Grid Wireless Connectivity and Off-Grid Solar Services to complete your Comprehensive Security System Setup that will protect you from anticipate and unexpected threats.

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