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Consulting & Custom Design

Our solutions are built by growers with decades of hands-on experience to meet our customers' unique needs.


Allow our experienced staff to collaborate with you to develop a customized plan for optimizing your farming and grow operation.


Built by growers for growers with the help of technology.

As grow veterans, we understand the difficulties that farmers and growers face.


We are enthusiastic about collaborating with our clients to help you optimize your facility for profitability. 

Allow our experts to come to your location and perform a personalized inspection. We can use this service to identify potential or current issues and offer solutions for mitigation or process improvement. 

In an ever-changing industry and regulatory environment, on-site consulting from an industry expert can help you take the lead and bring your operation to the next level.

Find out more about our Off-Grid Wireless Connectivity and Off-Grid Solar Services to complete your Comprehensive Security System Setup that will protect you from anticipate and unexpected threats.

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