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We now offer BioFeed Organic Irrigation Systems supporting sustainable organic growing following Korean Natural Farming (KNF) & JADAM.

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Saving The Earth One Farm At A Time

Our organic irrigation system is not only better for the planet, but it is more efficient and operates at a lower cost than similar salt-only irrigation systems.


  • Adjustable flow rates 

  • Multiple tank feed configurations


  • Works with all nutrient types

  • Usable with various irrigation systems


Cost Effective 

  • Low power requirements

  • Reduces labor costs

  • Scaleable 


  • Saves water with accurate watering and feeding

  • Allows for organic nutrients, teas, and ferments with sediment (not just salts or refined liquids)

Find out more about our Smart Farming Technology and Smart Ag Water to complete your Comprehensive Grow Solutions Setup that will improve yield and profitability for your farming operation.

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