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Smart Farming Technology

A portfolio of sensors combined with our secure, robust wireless networks enable real-time access to information and equipment.

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Transform your farm to Smart Ag in time for your next yield.

Our wireless capability provides you data-driven solutions to maximize your quality and yields.


Our grow tech sensors allow users to monitor grow analytics directly from a mobile phone or desktop. The grow tech sensors can analyze weather and environmental conditions, soil quality, crop temperature and crop growth progress.


Our portfolio of sensors provides users the ability to track internal business processes such as staff performance and operations. Process automation increases efficiency by analyzing multiple processes across production cycles such as irrigation or pest control.


With our robust wireless networks, users have real-time access to information and can remotely activate valves, pumps, thermostats and entire irrigation systems.


Sensors can be deployed across farm and farming machinery.


Humboldt Grow Sensors allow users to make data driven decisions to yield hardier, resilient crops and exceed current crop production. Cannabis professionals are given access to insightful data like amount of fertilizer used, soil moisture, storage conditions and more.

Find out more about our Video Surveillance / CCTV  and Off-Grid Wireless Connectivity to complete your Comprehensive Smart Ag Setup that will lay the foundation for the future of your facility and farm.

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