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Smart Ag Water

High antioxidant hyper molecular hydrogen water saves you money and helps your farm run more efficiently without toxic chemicals.


Rethink pesticide control.

Farmers can now have a safe and non-toxic alternative to pesticides and fungicides by using electrolyzed reduced water and electrolyzed oxidized water, as there is growing concern about the effects of pesticides on the environment and worker health and safety. 


Pesticide residues have been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, gene mutation, asthma, reproductive problems, kidney and liver damage, neurotoxicity, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, testicular dysfunction, and type II diabetes in humans. Pesticides can also contaminate ground water and harm organisms in the surrounding ecosystem, such as birds, frogs, and pollinators. 


Whether you are a cannabis grower or a produce farmer, electrolyzed water is a safe alternative to your IPM program because it does not burn or damage plant leaf tissues.


Find out more about our Smart Farming Technology and Grow Lights to complete your Comprehensive Grow Solutions Setup that will improve yield and profitability for your farming operation.

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